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July 12, 2024 11:59 pm

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Known for its starkly beautiful islands and wild seas, Shetland holds as much to discover beneath the surface as above – with aeons of geological activity carved into its landscapes.

Geopark Shetland celebrates this incredible heritage, bringing the archipelago’s rich natural diversity to life with fascinating exhibits at the Museum & Archives in Lerwick and a network of spectacular trails, with interpretive boards and geo-exhibits along the way.

Exploring Shetland means walking on ancient oceanic crust, traversing an extinct volcano and strolling across shifting sands, with the chance to discover how the islands’ extraordinary geology influences every aspect of life in the isles, from landscape and biodiversity to the thriving fisheries, the clean energy sector and even a burgeoning space industry.

A land steeped in history and tradition, Shetland offers the chance to understand how the world we live in was formed, and the role geology still plays in our lives today.

To find out more, visit shetland.org/geopark

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