Apple iPad Air and F-Secure Cyber Protection



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May 20, 2021 11:59 pm

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There are many ways to keep your family digitally safe. You could shield them from the world’s ills by burning all of your gadgets and embracing an Amish existence, or dress them up in increasingly bizarre outfits to conceal their identities and bypass facial recognition systems… but it might be easier to do the sensible thing and sign up for an F-Secure Total subscription, giving the whole family full online protection from viruses, hacking and tracking.

F-Secure Total protects up to five devices against viruses and ransomware for an entire year.

It also includes a Freedome VPN for private and encrypted web browsing, and there’s a password manager to alert you to attempted real-time data breaches. We’ve got a Total subscription worth £100 and a £579 64GB Apple iPad Air to give away to one lucky reader, plus another five Total subscriptions for five runners-up.

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