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March 7, 2021 11:59 pm

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Vegan bags are made from all kinds of materials. But mostly, plastic. And sometimes, the nastiest type of plastic – that being PVC. It’s not eco friendly, and given the fact that PVC does so much harm to ecosystems, it’s not even animal friendly. In fact, the dioxins released by PVC material has even been found in the fat of polar bears!

Luckily, there are some conscious brands, such as Miomojo, who are determined to change that.

The Italy based brand is most famous for its use of innovative plant based materials, such as apple leather, cactus leather, and even corn (coming soon!). They’re also well known for their chic, minimalist style, which has earned them the monicker: ‘the vegan Prada’.

But that’s not all: this is a brand that truly gives back for the animals, too.

Miomojo helps animals through charities like, Animals Asia (that helps moon bears and raises awareness on the cruelty of the bear bile industry), Four Paws (that helps wild animals kept in captivity, farm animals and pets as well as strays to the right to live a dignified life in an environment suited to their species), and Felida (that provides special care to rescued big cats).

You could say this is a hot brand with a warm heart!

Miomojo would like to introduce one of our lucky readers to their products, and are offering one of their popular Iris bags to the winner of this great giveaway.

The Iris bag is made out of AppleSkin leather, and comes in your choice of red or blush pink.

This is a crossbody statement mini bag that you can wear both to work, or for a night out. It’s ideal also as a grab-and-go bag when you want to keep things light for a short city walk or have a quick coffee with friends.

Made in Italy with the greatest attention to detail, Iris is the perfect match between classy and casual style.

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